Helping Kintore Stay Healthy and Happy

For the past 39 years, Pintupi Homelands Health Service has been serving Kintore, an Aboriginal Community in the Great Western Desert with a population of 450. We are a team of dedicated people who care for the community, promote their wellness and deliver the best services to help Kintore stay healthy and happy.

We are committed to improving the overall health and well-being of the community. From supporting them with high-quality healthcare and aged care services to raising awareness through holistic health promotion programs, we ensure that we live up to our commitment.

At PHHS, we are a diverse workforce from Australia and beyond. Our staff consists of individuals hailing from Kintore, other regions across Australia, and abroad. We take great pride in our equal representation of Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff, as it allows us to offer invaluable cultural insights, local language expertise, and deep connections to the Kintore Community. Our Indigenous team members play an absolutely vital role in our organisation’s ability to thrive and serve our community to the best of our ability.

While we empower the community with the support they need, we also care for our staff with the same vigour. At PHHS, you will be a part of an organisation where impacts are created through dedication and care. If you are passionate about creating exceptional healthcare and well-being experiences, then explore career opportunities at PHHS. Discover roles that fit you and embark on a journey of decades in just a few years, with us.

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Why Work with Us

Improve health with care, nurture lives with dedication

We have been caring for the community for more than 39 years. Our aim is not just to look after the community but to strengthen it with sustainable programs and initiatives that promote their overall health and well-being. Every member of our team is on a mission to empower the Pintupi community with passion and care. We improve health with care and nurture lives with dedication.

We offer a wide range of services to our community members, capturing a wide cohort of community residents. Our team of doctors, nurses, coordinators and support workers aim to positively influence the nutritional intake and behaviour of the Kintore Community. A testament to that is our extensive range of nutritional programs designed to benefit individuals of all ages. Our School Nutrition Program for children and adolescents aged 5-18 years promotes healthy eating habits and educates them about the importance of nutrition. The Health Promotion Programs for people aged 15-35 years offers a holistic

approach to health and wellness for young adults, focusing on their fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. For our aged care clients who are above 50 years old, we have a provision of nutritional meals that meet the specific dietary requirements of the aging population.

Take your step towards enhancing health and well-being outcomes for the Kintore Community

At PHHS, we ensure that we give our best to enhance the health and well-being of the community. We come here with a drive to deliver healthcare with empathy. We want everyone to lead a better tomorrow, irrespective of what their yesterday was. We collaborate with our colleagues and the community to make that a reality. If you envision an equal and healthy future for everyone, too, then we are the perfect fit for you. Come join us to improve the health and well-being outcomes for the Kintore Community.

Unite to the art of caring

The Pintupi community consists of artists who have an extraordinary talent for creating structured patterns and designs that represent different aspects of their culture. These representations depict their experiences, history, the birds and animals in the desert country, dreams and a lot more. They are a community of skilled artists whose works of art reflect their cultural legacy.

Their artwork serves as a source of inspiration and influence, encouraging us to unite to the art of caring. While we might not possess the talent for beautiful brushstrokes, we firmly believe in the art of caring and healing. As individuals who care about the community, we have honed caring as an art. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of Aboriginal people through excellence in client care. Our commitment to our values of Respect, Quality, Community controlled, and Professionalism constantly guides us to fulfil our mission.

With an exceptional governing body, dedicated board members, and a supportive staff, we endeavour to uplift the community in multiple ways. One of our primary objectives is to contribute to the growth of the local economy. We place great emphasis on providing local employment opportunities, as it fosters a deeper connection between the clinical workforce and the patients, allowing for a more personalised and enriching experience.

A beautiful community to visit, a fantastic place to work

We respect each other and every member of the community, as well as their unique art and culture. This mutual respect is a key factor in our success. If you aspire to be part of a compassionate, culturally-aware workforce and contribute to the lives of others, then PHHS is the place to be.

Make a difference at home away from home

We are one of the most remote healthcare providers in Australia which makes working at PHHS a special experience. It is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the Great Western Desert, where your supportive colleagues and the amazing community will make you feel at home.

At PHHS, every contribution you make through your work is translated to an impact on someone. Whether you are a doctor, a community worker or a back office executive, working at PHHS will enable you to make a difference for the Pintupi community.

As an Aboriginal Community-Controlled Health Organisation, we have established a strong level of trust with the Kintore Community. Most health initiatives at PHHS are long-term, and we measure them continually to ensure that we are effectively achieving our objectives. We always tackle challenges head-on. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully rolled out vaccinations for all members of the community. Due to the exceptional leadership demonstrated by our board directors, we were able to drive the vaccination program effectively while communicating the importance of vaccination to the community.

As an organisation, we empower the community to have a healthy and happy future. As an employer, we empower our staff with a culture that puts forth your holistic well-being.

While you are working hard to provide the best support and care to the community, we have your back! At PHHS, we look after every staff member to make them feel at home away from home. We offer the best support to our staff so that they have the best experience at work and beyond.

Your working environment

• The opportunity to progress your career at one of the best remote healthcare organisations, which is a friendly and responsible employer of choice.

• 6 weeks of annual leave

• Additional isolation leave (depending on work arrangement)

• Up to 1 week leave for professional development (depending on work arrangement)

• Community leave (for staff on 8 weeks rosters)

Your financial well-being

• Competitive remote salaries

• Salary sacrifice options (up to $15,900 tax-free allowance per year)

• Superannuation paid on gross salary (in most places, superannuation is paid on net salary)

• Paid freight costs for grocery deliveries from Alice Springs to Kintore (IGA, butchers, fruit & vegetables)

• Paid travel to and from Kintore to your place of engagement

• Annual retention bonus

• New staff referral bonus

Your accommodation

• Fully furnished self-contained 1 bedroom units with fenced perimeter and robust alarm systems

• Heavily subsidised rent

• WiFi broadband internet

• Foxtel TV

Your learning and development

• Training and development opportunities as part of an individual annual training and development plan.

• Pathways for Indigenous staff to acquire qualifications such as the Cert II in Individual Supports through an RTO provider in Kintore. We are planning to expand the training pathways to offer a Cert II in Aboriginal Primary Health Care.

• Apprenticeships to enhance skillsets and professional development.

Stories from our staff

At PHHS, we believe that every member’s contribution makes a profound impact. Discover some of the incredible journeys and experiences of our staff members.


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