A unique and enriching experience

“I feel fortunate and have a strong sense of pride to be able to contribute to such important work,” says Leander Menezes, Health Promotion Coordinator at PHHS.

Leander was led to PHHS due to his passion for working with Indigenous communities. Born and raised in India, he has previously worked in the preventive health sector in his native country. He joined the organisation with a mission to make a difference by raising awareness and promoting prevention against the chronic illnesses faced by the Kintore population. Two years later, Leander is already witnessing his mission turn into a reality.

“Every day, I am inspired by the dedication and passion that my colleagues bring to their work,” he says. Leander and his team have been empowering the community to take control of their health. He believes that the organisation’s focus on holistic health and active listening has a positive and significant impact on people.

So, is it all a bed of roses working in the middle of the Great Western Desert? If not a bed of roses, it certainly is an opportunity worth experiencing, according to Leander. Working in a remote area has its challenges, but he thinks that the benefits far outweigh them. Firstly, he gets to be part of a community that has a rich cultural history and remarkable traditions. As the bridge between the community and the healthcare providers, he always has an engaging and exciting day at work. By learning the Pintupi language and being resilient with his mission, he has built a strong connection with the community.

Secondly, he gets to serve the community by addressing long-standing health disparities. Constantly collaborating with colleagues and the Indigenous families, he aligns himself with PHHS’s goal of creating a sustainable and culturally-appropriate healthcare system for the people of Kintore.

The third benefit of working at PHHS is its supportive and dynamic work environment. “My colleagues are always willing to lend a helping hand or offer guidance when needed. There is a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie throughout the organisation,” Leander says. He also had some amazing opportunities during the last two years. He has attended conferences, workshops, and training sessions, adding to his skill sets and helping him stay up-to-date with the latest developments in public health and health promotion.

With unique challenges comes unique opportunities and Leander is a person who always prefers looking at the silver lining. His dedication to his mission is truly inspiring! The efforts of Leander and the entire staff at PHHS are making a tangible difference in the lives of Indigenous people, leading to a brighter tomorrow

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